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A growing number of individuals take up the challenge associated with creation of their own tiling masterpiece. ATC members in all States and Territories can provide advice on tile installation practices. In addition they can supply tiling tools and related allied products including adhesive and grout.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of commercial and residential tile installations are completed by professional tile fixers.

Unfortunately tile layer registration, accreditation or endorsement is not compulsory in all States and Territories, so it is important to seek advice about reputable tradespersons who possess the necessary skills. ATC members in your area should be able to assist.

Before seeking their advice remember that some tile fixers specialise in laying specific products in certain environments. They may be totally competent working in domestic environments laying ‘regular tiles’, but inexperienced in commercial and industrial projects with different types of tile. Always ensure that they have gained appropriate experience laying the products you have in mind.

The following guidelines should assist.

1. Ask for a written quotation

It is very important for you to know the cost involved. A written quotation demonstrates that both parties understand what is required to achieve the desired outcome. The more detail in the quote, the better, as it assists in avoiding disputes at a later date.

You should agree on the price prior to any work starting.

2. Compare prices

Obtain two or three quotations. This will give you a realistic idea of how much the installation should cost. Remember that price is not the only criteria and that you may only get what you pay for.

3. Check references

A reputable tradespersons should always allow a client to make contact with two or three of their recent customers so that enquiries can be made about the quality of their work and their conduct on the job.

Ask the tiler for their references, whether they are qualified and their trade experience.

4. Ask yourself these questions
  • Were the contractors easily contactable?
  • Did they arrive on time?
  • Do they appear content to do the job?
  • Do they appear to have time to do the job?
  • Was the quotation delivered on time, fairly priced and did it cover all work required?
  • Has the tile layer returned my calls?
  • Am I comfortable with this person to handle my work?
5. Look at the complete picture

Price is not everything. Lowest prices could mean poor workmanship, but the most expensive prices do not necessarily guarantee the best workmanship.

Remember that workmanship includes presentation, minimum amount of inconvenience, cleanliness and overall professionalism.

If the quotation is fair, the references are good, the timing is suitable and you feel comfortable that the tile layer understands what you are trying to achieve, it should be safe to proceed.