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The Australian Tile Council (ATC) is a member based organisation set up to serve the needs of its members.

If you are yet to purchase tiles or engage a tiler, it is highly recommended that you read the following two links to ensure both the tiles you purchase and tiler you select are to your satisfaction.

If you have a complaint about tiles you have already purchased or their laying it should be noted that the ATC is not a regulatory body and is not set up to provide a consumer complaint or consumer inspection service regarding tiles or tile laying.

Original Supplier or Tiler

In the first instance any complaints regarding the tiles supplied to you or the laying of those tiles should be directed to the Tile Company you purchased the tiles from or tiler that laid the tiles.

We recommend that all contact be in writing, so you have a record.

Tile Consultants

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your enquiry the ATC does have members that do provide inspection and/or consultant services.

Those members can be found by clicking the following link – Tile Consultants.

Please note that by clicking the above-mentioned link that you are acknowledging that the consultants listed on this link are totally independent of the Australian Tile Council and such the Australian Tile Council is not making a recommendation or guaranteeing or endorsing the services any of those consultants may provide.

It should also be noted that consultants normally charge for their services.

Other Avenues

Alternatively, if you are not satisfied with the outcome of your enquiry with the tile supplier or tiler and do not wish to engage a consultant that then normal avenues of dispute resolution are available to you in your State via Consumer Affairs, State Administrative Tribunals or Civil Law Remedies.

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