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Each month, the ATC receives a large number of requests from overseas organisations looking to establish a relationship with the ATC and its members and to gain insight into how business is conducted in Australia across a number of areas.

In response to this, we have set up a category of membership – International Associate – which gives individuals, companies, and organisations based outside of Australia some key benefits of an ATC membership as well as a conduit to the ATC and our members. International Associate memberships assist those located overseas to learn more about how our tile industry operates making them more aware of the intricacies, costs, issues, and developments of doing business in Australia.

International Associates must comply with the ATC Code of Ethics and breeches will see them removed as members and from the website.

See below for a list of the current international associates and for more information on the becoming an International Associate, visit the International Associates Program page.

ATC International Associates

President Ceramics



China & India
International Associates must comply by the ATC Code of Ethics. Breeches will see them removed as members without refund. International Associates have no voting rights at the Annual General Meeting.