The Australian Tile Council exists to protect, educate and enhance the tile industry for the benefit of its members.

It is organised and run by its members who represent around 70% of all tiles sold in the country.


The A.T.C. provides the following for its members -

  • Represents them as the Representative Industry Body
  • Education and Training
  • Tiling Literature, Brochures and Notices
  • Technical and industry related Information and Support
  • Free access to the 200 page Tile Reference Manual
  • Professional recognition as a member of the only recognised national industry body


The A.T.C.’s primary role is to represent the industry to do collectively those things individual members could not effectively achieve independently.
As such the A.T.C. is recognised by the Australian Government as the representative industry body.

Committee Representation
The A.T.C has representatives on four national committees which are critical in protecting our industry being -

  • Australian Standards for the fixing of tiles. (BD- 044)
  • Australian Slip Resistant Standards. (BD- 094)
  • Wet Areas in Buildings. (BD- 038)
  • External Waterproofing Membranes. (BD- 013)

Major Achievements
Over the years the council has also been instrumental in the following major achievements:

  • Having import duty rates on tiles reduced from 30% to 5%.
  • Having the proposal to introduce a 12% sales tax on tiles quashed.
  • Restricting and then eliminating cost burdens associated with requirements for quarantine inspections of all tile containers.
  • Organising meetings for members with relevant experts who took us through the GST implications for our industry.
  • Preventing residential floors being included in the slip resistance handbook.
  • Prevented the miscommunication by Worksafe of an industry alert that wall tiles potentially contained asbestos. This situation could have lead to a disastrous situation for the industry if the A.T.C. had not had it quickly rectified.
  • At present we are in the process of writing our own slip resistance guidelines.
  • After that we intend to write our own Tiling Guidelines

And we are continually on the lookout for issues that may be detrimental to our industry.


The A.T.C. needs members to allow us the financial capacity to tackle industry issues when they arise and give us the strength (numbers) for others to listen and take our concerns seriously.

The A.T.C. also provides it's members education and training, tiling literature, brochures, notices, technical and industry related information, and support for its members, however, if the only benefit of joining was knowing that someone was continually behind the scenes looking after your industry whilst you were making a living out of that industry, then that alone would be worth the small membership fee.

If you earn a living from the tile industry you can not afford to not be a member of the A.T.C.

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